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  Discover the new SUTRA designs by Studio 5.5  
EGO Paris enrich its SUTRA collection! For the SUTRA collection, the designers 5.5 were inspired by the beach fences, the ones that protect the sand dunes along the shorelines. It was designed with an alphabet of 5 seat modules and 1 adjustable coffee table. It is now enriched with 3 new coffee tables, one nomadic lamp, cordless and USB rechargeable, one round shelf and one service tray. Everyone can then imagine an infinite mix for its outdoor, by day and night.

Discover the SUTRA collection!

Torch Lamp-

The Sutra light is cordless, rechargeable and offers three different luminous intensities. It can be used alone or glided between the slats of the Sutra modules.

Nested tables-

These three small coffee tables fit each other by interlocking their slats. They can serve as a link between two modules and then create new configurations.

Shelf and service tray-

The service tray and the shelf embellish your Sutra composition and offer new features.
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