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  A bunch of new collection from mom  
mom presents a bundle of new collection that enlightens on the perfect decor.

Singapour GM

Stacked whased linen and canework 4-shade. This product is delivered with textile cord and metal canopy DCL adaptable. It is made and designed in France. Singapour GM comes with a registered Pattern.

BOLD from Cobermaster Concept

Exclusivity and elegance are the right words to define the BOLD Firewood Holder. The product is manufactured in Cobermaster 3D Grating, this simple firewood holder defies the gravity law, maintaining all the firewood in a suspension effect.

SLING – Hanging Chair – Debossed

Designer Joanina and David Pastoll gives a rustic look through their modern innovation – SLING. It comes with a leather format embossed with a leafy texture. The material is steel or leather. Colours come with black, dark brown, tan/ochre/natural.
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