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  Ritmonio presents the Tie-Tip-Tab series  
Ritmonio collaborated with designers Lana+Savettiere to produce the Tie-Tip-Tab series, combining simplicity, comfort and aesthetic design. The three versatile series are made of fluid shapes that are ergonomic and pleasant to the touch.

Tie, as the name suggests, recalls the knot of a tie; Tip looks as a soft tip; and in the Tab series, the handle becomes wider and looks almost like a rounded button.

Developed in 4 different versions – in the traditional chrome finishing, brushed, black chrome, and the very refined brushed black chrome – the series are presented as versatile solutions, able to respond to every taste and need. As the most indispensable of the accessories, they complete the bathroom adding personality and elegance to the environment, without losing sight of functionality.

Furthermore, Tie, Tip and Tab arise from the great attention that Ritmonio has always placed on environmental issues, working in the forefront in the designing of products that reduce water consumption and promote a responsible use of natural resources, but at the same time they enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom at best.

These three series are available in Ecoplus version: the water flow is limited to 9 liter per minute and the handle, when it is in the central position, provides cold water, not mixed with hot water, avoiding to make the boiler to switch on, which often happens even when the use of hot water is not necessary.
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