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  KE introduces KEDRY – a bioclimatic pergola for outdoor  
KEDRY is the new pergola system featuring bioclimatic louver blades that incorporate a new model of style and living in comfort. Characterized by its versatility KEDRY is a new range of innovative pergolas that has great performance and many customizable features.

KEDRY PLUS is a waterproof structure that not only protects from sun during summer; it actually creates a perfect microclimate under the pergola due to the air circulation between the louver blades. For privacy and protection from cold the perimeter of KEDRY PLUS can be completely enclosed withshaded screens.

The system is also flexible when considering different installation solutions. Two different structural configurations are currently available: KEDRY A which attaches to the wall with supporting posts and the KEDRY T attaches to an existing pergola using no posts. With these options, the quality and functionality of KEDRY can be inserted into any architectural environment.

Thanks to the latest generation of combined climatic sensing technology the movement of the louver blades can be automated, creating custom settings.

For the changeable weather during springtime KEDRY PLUS is waterproof allowing you to stay outdoors during any weather conditions. With the louver blades closed the entire unit becomes weather tight, any rain runoff is managed by the integrated gutter system, along the perimeter, that allows rainwater to flow through the columns. The blades are designed to allow water discharge through an integrated drip tray, which travels down the downspout.

Summer is a time of outdooractivities; the KEDRY protects you from too much UV rays creating a perfect microclimate. The spacing between the louver blades allows air to circulate allowing relief from high temperatures. With the accessory of lighting the KEDRY PLUS becomes a great nighttime setting.

Autumn’s weather fluctuations are no longer a problem; just one click on the remote and the louver blades close so tightly you can forget about the rain when under the KEDRY.

During winter, the ability to enclose the perimeter structure creates a truly protected compartment.

Another product strength of the KEDRY is its ability to reach projections never marketed before as well as covering spaces with unique dimensions: oversize integrated gutter in a self-standing to reach 4 meters wide by 6 meters deep.

Technical features:

KEDRY PLUS: shading aluminium structure with louver blades

Maximum size: cover up to 13’ wide, 26’ projection.

Motorization with weather sensors (wind, rain, sun) combined with the latest generation of automation light kit with LED lighting and LED strip

Water and wind resistance up to class 6 (UNI EN 13561: 2015)

METALS: metal structures are made of thermo-lacquered aluminum or steel profiles and components (stainless steel screws). The corrosion resistance is achieved thanks to innovative surface treatment processes that enable you to sort the external components in class 4 (UNI EN 13561: 2015)

FABRICS (side screens): thermal and aesthetic comfort through seamless integration with a wide range of technical fabrics (500) which allow the adjustment of the solar factor according to the specific needs of the building, ensuring maximum style consistency. All fabrics are certified according to the technical standard for CE marking of the product EN 13561 and EN 14501.

Available in the standard color RAL 9010 white and custom colors available upon request.
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