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  PAD London: A platform of unique masterpieces  
PAD London, the city’s leading art and design fair, displays an impressive selection of 68 galleries from 12 countries showcasing masterpieces across design, art, antiquities, tribal art and collectible jewelry. PAD London 2018 is unique combination of midcentury, antique and contemporary pieces are displayed revealing new talent and presenting the most recent projects of established talent offering a unique portfolio of creativity and craftsmanship. We select the best gallery of contemporary furniture design from this year edition.

The PAD London presentation features iconic furniture and lighting pieces by Salvagni, including a new edition of the Spider chandelier in a striking Blue de Savoie, and the Santiago sofa upholstered in a handwoven Toyine Sellers fabric.

Guglielmo Poletti brings to PAD London a new series of his Equilibrium works, comprising a table, a chair and a lamp, which continue to explore his interest in balance and order. Elegant in their understatement, the pieces each incorporate elements of suspension which create a central tension and a sense of poise within each furniture piece. Poletti’s practice is driven by a fascination with basic structures and elementary constructions.

Jaime Hayon at KREO

These playful wall lamps are by Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon. He studied industrial design in Madrid and Paris before joining Fabrica, the Benetton-funded design and communication academy in Italy in 1997 where he directed the design department until 2003. Today, he is one of the most acclaimed contemporary designers worldwide.

Ingrid Donat at Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Tribal, an exquisite bronze and leather bench will feature as part of Ingrid Donat’s solo exhibition on Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s stand at PAD London. The gallery gave Donat carte blanche of its booth, which she completely transformed into her vision of a home, creating a floor-to-ceiling ambiance, including a dining room and a lounge.

Glithero at FUMI

Alluding to conflicting values of fragility, durability, and permanence, En Passant belongs to Les French, Glithero’s most iconic body of work. Turning unlikely, ad-hoc bamboo structures into solid bronze legs, the standing light pays homage to the aesthetics of the prototype. Standing at the forefront of contemporary British design, the work of Glithero is sought after by collectors worldwide and has been featured in important museum exhibitions.


Presented exclusively at PAD London, this spectacular angular goldplated table will be one of the starring pieces on Garrido’s stand this year. The Madrid-based sibling designers Juan and Paloma Garrido, the children of the late renowned silversmith Damían Garrido, are known for their mastery of the medium and their blend of traditional silver working with bold geometric forms and daring contemporary designs.
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