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  Diff Studio executes an enchanting private residence project  
Maison Valentina – a name made with pure love and passion towards luxury designs is capable to install outstanding projects and makes it a reality. This time, situated in the Italy countryside, there is a private home designed by Diff Studio, where luxury meets the contemporary and the classic style. Maison Valentina makes this house even more luxurious, by making a statement in the bathroom area.

Thanks to the unique style of Diff Studio, its designers Iryna Dzhemesiuk and VitaliyYurov have compose strong interiors in character and distinguished. And this project is no different. The creators, known for their creative approach, chose to combine different styles, creating a classic and contemporary design. Also, they used different forms and materials.

The use of vivid colors has brought life into the apartment and the modern furniture used with classic techniques tell a story and mark the passage of time, turning it into an incomparable interior design project. Each zone has its own distinctive character. The old architecture of the living room featured beautiful vaulted ceilings and windows that give the room a bright, airy feel. The suspended lights that adorn this ceiling feel soft and romantic.

The dining room is more theatrical, featuring a burgundy accent wall and black and white furnishings. In all spaces, the display of golden accent pieces is constant.

As you go along to the bathroom area, you will feel that is a little more on the contemporary side, creating a comfortable feel on such a private area of the house. The Diamond Bathtub and the two Diamond Freestands, by Maison Valentina, are the mark of unparallel sophistication in this house, bringing character to the bathroom.The bathtub is designed in fiberglass with a luxurious black high-gloss finishing the diamond shaped sculptural body is based on its name, making it an exquisite item in any modern bathroom. Diamond Freestands turns heads wherever it stands.

This product features a wooden structure finished in a high gloss black varnish, a colour that contrasts perfectly with the interior, covered in gold leaf. Besides its irregular shape, it has a built-in oval sink glass with a translucent black finishing. The residence as a whole is a breathtaking symphony of beautiful artwork, eye-catching accent furniture, glamorous decorations and an irresistibly beautiful combination of classical and contemporary design elements.
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