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  FLAMANT A new age furniture maker to attain M&O  
Flamant creates everything you need to turn your house into a warm home. A quiet cocoon in a hectic world. Flamant does this with the greatest care for quality. Every Flamant product is made in small workshops and in accordance with authentic methods. They travel the world to find the best artisan products and that way, all their products have their own unique stories.


This unique square table comes with self brassed wooden material to hold things. This object is appropriate for living room.You can place it at the corner of your room and decor it with your luxurious objects.


This chest of drawer has an extraordinary elegant look which has three drawers and artistic knobs. This simple but graceful object comes with a soothing colour that suits your choice of room colour.


Belinos is designed with utmost attention, curated with ropes and tags this object becomes more interesting to explore.


This artistic seating sample reminds you to feel more nostalgic and melancholic and let you crave for more warmth in your hearts and homes where richelle will be placed. This lounge chair is made with natural linen which gives it a more dramatic look.
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