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  Garsnas showcases at Stockholm Furniture Fair  
Garsnas is presenting their new designs for 2018 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The stand is designed by TAF Arkitektkontor who were commissioned to incorporate the brand’s values with their architecture. The result is a space where materials and craftsmanship feature in the floor, walls and partitions, decorated in down-to-earth colours that let the furniture take centre stage.

Timber wall frame

The back of the stand shows a timber wall frame. The concept is that one sees inside a wall, where the construction is accentuated to give a feeling for craftsmanship and materials.

Monochrome islands

This year’s fair presents six new designs that each get their own space in the stand. From above, it looks like six islands of different colours, the spaces following the same range of colours as the furniture it represents. The colours are chosen after the fabrics primarily recommended for each respective model. The concept of the monochrome colour scheme is to reinforce the boundaries between the respective furniture groups, while at the same time the down-to-earth colours become an extension of the furniture.

Gabriella Gustafson, designer at TAF Arkitektkontor, says, “We want the stand to stick out by being toned down, and simultaneously we want to highlight the passion Garsnas has for quality, materials and a more classical way of making furniture.”

A long-term concept

Building a stand for a fair usually involves a lot of waste. To make a more sustainable stand, this year’s version uses the same long-term concept that goes into producing Garsnas furniture. The floor, walls and partitions are made of wood, of which some components will be moved to the brand’s showroom after the fair, and other parts can be reused. Furthermore, they have already begun reusing previous material: the table frame was recovered from last year’s stand.

Bleck partitions

The shelves separating the islands follow the same construction as the Bleck easy chair, which was last year’s new design from TAF Arkitektkontor. The shape is inspired by picture frames and the shelves are decorated with handmade artwork that reflects details in the Garsnas showroom. Eventually, the shelves might become a new model, but already this year one can see other new models in the Bleck series, where one of the islands showcases Bleck as a two- and three-seat sofa.

Gabriela Gustafson adds, “All together the islands give an overall image of the brand, while each island represents specific furniture.”
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