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  Kbsa greets new members and foundation member  
The Kbsa has welcomed four new members and a foundation member, evidence of its commitment to build membership numbers in its 40th year.

The four new members include Loline Interiors and The Kitchen Studio, both based in Bedfordshire, Kitchen Magician in Cambridgeshire and Bower Willis Designs in Warwickshire. The foundation member is Elmore Kitchens in Somerset.

Kbsa corporate retail chairman Simon Acres says, “We are delighted to welcome these retailers into the association. They all share the Kbsa values of providing customers with a quality service from design concept to completion and have recognised the benefits that membership can bring to their businesses.”

Angela Bower from Bower Willis said, “Being part of the Kbsa makes us part of a group of retailers that are recognised as the ‘best of the best’.

“It also means added peace of mind for our customers too, who will be reassured by the fact that we measure up to the criteria and high standards set by the Kbsa.” Bower Wills concluded.

Elmore Kitchens is the first retailer to take up the new foundation membership, introduced to give new businesses access to the Kbsa during the early stages of their development.

Ben Elmore from Elmore Kitchens said, “We are enjoying the challenges of building our business and we value the support that the Kbsa can provide. We are confident that they will help us grow our business in the long term.”
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